One Year Later

Today marks the first anniversary of this written space! It wouldn’t be what it is without you; the curious mind that has chosen to direct their attention to my evolving perception and relationship within the tea. The photo above is of my first gaiwan and has served a reminder that all storms pass and that some of the best experiences happen in the downpour of life. Community, storytelling rooted in authenticity, and the celebration of the leaf are just a few of the numerous facets that invigorate me daily. There are countless of cups to be shared, actions to support, and company to enjoy in the years to come!

I truly thank you for every visit you’ve made to this site, every comment (like/emoji) you’ve shown in support, and the knowledge you’ve imparted on my tea journey. Tea is transformed through care and diligence in craftsmanship, and I am similarly shaped by the meaningful discourse you display day-in and day-out. Much love and gratitude ❤️

As always, steep well!



  1. Thank you for sharing your journey Marco! I recently started a new career as a musician. It has allowed me to travel the US and perform in some unique venues such as Radio City in NYC. I carry a pelican case with Gongfu Teawares to share culture and cultivate new friendships while traveling. Due to the recent pandemic, I found myself without a job. Tea has allowed me to connect to people in an unprecedented time. From FaceTime tea sessions, quite contemplation to starting a new tea blog. I am extremely grateful for the tea community and the ability to connect with such a wide range of people. Keep it up with what you do! It has encouraged me to start a tea blog and share the journey I’m on as well.

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    1. Forrest, That’s an amazing story! I’m interested in learning what kind of music you enjoy to perform and how you continue to utilize that creative outlet. Tea and music go together so so well, and I look forward to sharing tea very soon. I’m glad you’re in the community and I’ve seen and heard the great work you’ve done! 🙏🏼🙏🏼


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