Tea drinker + Lifelong Learner

Hi! I’m Marco Namowicz, the tea enthusiast and Chicago native behind STEAP’D: Tea Blog + Community! It’s wonderful to meet you and I appreciate you visiting this space!

With a background in music, education, and a tea practice that has deepened over the years, I strive to cultivate a robust appreciation of tea through tasting, exploration, and sharing the many ways tea has become a daily ritual in my life and the lives’ of others. I hope to share the many facets tea can be included in life, other than the delicious taste it brings!

I invite you to relax and join me in tea exploration as I document my journey. Whether you prefer an iced matcha latte, love the coziness a well-crafted chai gives you, or a meditative Gong Fu Cha session, you’re welcome to stay awhile!

Member of of Tea Bloggers Roundtable
Member of the American Specialty Tea Alliance
Co-founder of Activist Teahouse
Board Member of Chinese Tea Culture Association