Activist Teahouse

The Teahouse Mission

The act of drinking tea has always welcomed conversation around the table. Here at Activist Teahouse, we look beyond our cups and use tea to engage in the wider world dialogue. We commit to amplify voices in our communities and provide resources to kick start action towards positive change. We understand the potential of small ripples. Together, let us manifest unity and equality globally, one sip at a time.

Pillars of Activism

Our mission as a teahouse will manifest through addressing the following 5 pillars as we work to amplify voices and hold the space for discourse and action:

  • Community Call-To-Action  
  • Social Responsibility
  • Environmental Awareness    
  • Economic Inequities
  • Tea Initiatives Around the Globe


Jin Galvez, Jess Hernandez, Marco Namowicz, Rie Tulali

Graphic Designer

From our teahouse logo embracing unification to the beautiful color palette you’ll find on our posts, Cassandra Balbas has created the gorgeous collateral you can expect to see more of at the Activist Teahouse. Cassandra is a talented artist specializing in:

– UX Design
– Multipage Publications (both digital and print)
– Branding
– Illustrations

Follow us at here at the Activist Teahouse where you’ll see us within our virtual space as well as our website!