Tea Time (45 min. 1-on-1)

From exploring tea-based drinks to gongfu brewing, I’ll personalize our tea session together according to your explorative goals and needs. Bring your questions and topics to the tea table and let’s have fun!

Branded Content

Are you looking to collaborate through Branded Content? Whether it’s a video, post, or live session, I look forward to providing a unique and honest perspective that gets the word out on your product!

Tea Photography

Need a refreshing update for your tea brand’s photo portfolio? From Ready-to-Drink tea beverages to showcasing the beauty of a single leaf, let’s work together to ensure your brand relays its message through photos.

Collaborative Branded Content Review Policy

  • Acceptance of gifted samples does not in any way guarantee a published review. I am unable to provide a timeline for publication.
  • All product reviews state my honest opinion, regardless of whether or not the item is gifted. Brands are not allowed to review or change content.
  • Gifted samples will be declared as such in all content, as required by law.
  • Gifted samples become my property and are utilized as I see fit.
  • STEAP’D focuses on unflavored Camellia Sinensis teas that are directly and transparently sourced. Consider this before submitting a sample.
  • Content and images produced around a gifted sample are my property and are permitted only with my permission. If you would like to license images that I have created, please reach out to me directly.
  • Paid advertising may not be run on any social platform using my content without prior consent.
  • If there comes a time our values do not align, I reserve the right to remove previously published material from the STEAP’D website and social media channels
  • Terms are subject to change
  • Please use Contact Form below to reach me

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