2012 Yiwu Wild Sheng Puer from Moylor

Honored that Moylor sent me two teas to try (I’ll be reviewing a shou puer soon), I sat down after these last two weeks of being away ready to break into this massive cake. Overall, it’s a pleasant sheng that is warming and gives pronounced profiles of cedar wood smoke and apricots. For the size (357 grams) of cake and price (currently $15.99 USD) this can be a nice daily drinker, especially as we head into cooler weather.


My Brewing Parameters:
Leaf to Water Ratio – 9g to 150 mL
Starting Temp – 96°C (92°C preserves fruit aromas better)
Infusion time(s) – 15 sec. + 3 sec for subsequent infusions

10 Step Tasting

Eyes Dry Leaf: curled, twisted and dark strips with forest green
Nose Dry Leaf: raspberry jam, slightly fermented grape
Nose Wet Leaf: tobacco leaf, paprika, dried apricot
Eyes Liquor: foggy tangerine or ripened hairy peach
Mouth Texture: medium to thick bodied, matte blanket on the tongue.
Mouth Flavor: smoked fruits of apricot, cantaloupe, sour green apple pulling sensation along the sides of the mouth
Nose Empty Cup: white grape juice, mashed apricot
Mouth Finish: very dry and a lingering presence of stone fruit and charred cedar wood
Eyes Wet Leaf: full and large black cherry reds and plum purples with olive green leaves throughout
Body Sensation: energetic Cha Qi with warning sensations and tingling subtleties


I’m happy to have this tea in my stash for its ability to provide strong energy and hardy taste. While my first session with this tea had me using 96°C, I experienced even greater value in a 92 °C starting temp and preserved those fruit notes well into infusion 9-12. The price of this tea and length of experience is a deal that will keep giving as the months go on and this tea further ages. Personally, it’s a tea I need to strongly want and these winter months approaching will fit the bill nicely.

Interested in trying this tea and joining the conversation? You can view the details and price of this tea when you click HERE, and you can receive 10% off your entire order when you use the code MN10 for Moylor.

Steep well!


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