TEA.L : Tea Ceremony Collection

When I dove into my Foundations: A Look into Longjing, I had no idea it would come across the eyes of Zhao Lu, Co-founder of TEA.L. Founded on the principle of togetherness, he and his partner have used the values rooted in respect and reverence toward individuality and the celebration of both people and tea through skincare. Their lotions combine one of the most prized and well known Chinese green teas, Longjing, with infrequently featured tisanes like guayusa, rooibos, and yerba mate. DiviersiTea at its core, I’m honored to personally use and share the wealth of knowledge crafted in the Tea Ceremony Collection. They sent their collection free of charge in exchange for my honest thoughts and insight. I’d like to share a few words on my own experience with skincare products growing up before diving into the three lotions, their ingredients, and my experiences using them.

Flashback to the adolescent me and you would have seen a Marco that dealt with acne. Facial wipes led to creams and cleansers, but to no avail. Eventually tetracycline pills and Differen gel found its way into my daily routine. From summer months swimming with a shirt on due to embarrassment and the redness that accompanied the sunburns, my skin was frequently a source of insecurity. Fortunately it was by the end of high school that the struggles with acne largely ended. What hasn’t changed since then is the cautious nature I developed in hopes of keeping my skin healthy and from breaking out.

With TEA.L and their collection, I’ve found something to use for all times of the day, no matter the situation at hand. Thin enough to wear under sunscreen or other topical products, their lotions are the foundation to my skincare routine. Let’s take a look at each of the three products and just what I’ve found to make the special and unique!


Ingredients include:
– Organic Ecuadorian Guayusa ( tisane containing caffeine + 30% more polyphenols than green tea)
– Carrot Seed Oil (adds antioxidants)
– Orchid Extract ( a humectant that retains moisture + smooths wrinkles)
– Rosehip Oil (vitamin C + fatty acids to promote collagen production)

My go-to lotion for moisturizing my face after splashing rose petal witch hazel toner on my face, I love the tea fragrance of Longjing and Guayusa; neither overpower the senses and I’ve found my face to remain moisturized throughout the day. Thin in texture without feeling weighted in product, this lotion is not greasy and easily absorbs into the skin. No matter what I’ve done in a 24 hour period, I’ve depended on it when starting AND ending each day!


Ingredients include:
– Yerba Mate (caffeine + elasticity, and firmness boost through Chlorogenic Acid)
– Rosehip Oil (vitamin C + fatty acids to promote collagen production)
– Cranberry Seed Oil (contains omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids to protect the skin from sun damage and oxidative stress)
– Argan Oil (contains vitamins A, E – improving moisture levels and reducing wrinkles)

I use this twice a day as well, focusing on the area of my eyes to keep the skin hydrated while reaping the benefits of reduced wrinkles. A little of this lotion goes a long way and air pump is perfect in dishing out a healthy amount. There’s also bergamot oil providing a slight aromatic lift while providing an antibacterial element, keeping the eyes safe and clean!


Ingredients include:
– Rooibos (includes zinc, iron, calcium, vitamin c to improve circulatory functions, reduce redness, and moisturize)
– Cranberry Seed Oil (contains omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids to protect the skin from sun damage and oxidative stress)
– Jojoba Oil (balances oils on the skin – making it perfect no matter the skin type)
– Oat Oil ( antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory to the skin)

Robust in texture and able to cover a large surfaces of the skin, this lotion is a must for any area that needs strong protection from drying elements. blistering wind, low humidity, you name it. The rooibos/chamomile constituents make this the perfect product to apply before bed as gentle fragrances wash over one’s entire body. 2 days into using this after my cat scratched my shoulder badly and I saw swift recovery and healing.


It’s been a little over 8 weeks since I began using the TEA.L Ceremony Collection and I still have a good amount of product to go! Each of the three lotions have their specific uses and that’s a good thing. I can smell the tea constituents and the experience from a-z is of high quality. An air pump method of lotion distribution maintains product freshness and leaves a clean experience each time. The level of transparency provided from both the TEA.L website as well as personal communication with the founders place me at ease. If you’re looking for a gift or want to treat yourself to a tea + skincare routine that promises longevity and thoughtful curation of ingredients, then I recommend taking a closer look at the Tea Ceremony Collection.

Steep Well!


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