10 Memorable Teas in 2022

In the overcast skies of December, I warmly sit inside at the tea table to review the year 2022. As done in previous years, I love allowing my mind to wander through the forest of teas and greeting each as if an old friend. The teas shared below are in no way ranked, and though there are many more teas than these ten I’d love to showcase, these stand out to me in my continued year of learning. The name for each tea provided links to the tea or vendor when applicable.

高山安吉白茶 High Mountain Anji Baicha 2022 | Cultivate Tea

This October, I stepped into the warm glow of Cultivate Tea in Vancouver and enjoyed two teas with Jan of Teakan Co. with the guidance of Jude. Anji Baicha has been one of my favorite teas for years and before leaving, I purchased a couple of items, including this tea. Warm linens, white peach, and floral elements blossom upon sipping.

2022 Handmade Nilgiri Black | Ketlee

This winter Nilgiri tea is a must-have in my opinion. It’s got that signature mint/floral combo but it takes a back seat as fruit profiles take over. It has a strong presence that persists through numerous infusions and is versatile – whether you enjoy it using a gaiwan, mug, teapot, or as a component in a fun beverage.

Khiri Gold | Teawala

This Khiri Gold black tea is from Mae Salong, Thailand, and is a wonderful, unexpected experience. From aromas of rich and creamy dates to fudge, smooth honey, and fresh flowers – it’s unlike any other black tea I’ve found from the usually highlighted regions.

2022 Pre Ming Qian First Grade Long Jing | Yao Cha Tea

This quite possibly was the best Dragon Well I’ve had to date. With clean and vegetal creaminess, hints of warm nuts, and bean sprout makes this a balanced tea that will provoke you to continue sipping throughout the day.

1990 Nantou Dong Ding | The Cha Tong

This aged tea grew on me with each cup that was emptied. The aromas shift to creamy dates, baked bread, and caramel glaze, while an underlying roasted quality holds it down and its thick texture has me comfortably seated each session.

Raw Pu’erh Commemorative Cake | Xin An Chu

Dry leaves compressed in shades of vanilla cream, moss green, and stone gray are penetrated with relative ease. In a warmed gaiwan, the aromas of spring-grown beets are a surprise as it transforms into grass and hay; not too different from Bai Mudan. Then comes a wholesome and medium-bodied mouthfeel, thickening as the temperature modulates. It’s a beautifully crafted sheng pu’er.

Moonlight White + Ya Bao | Rivers & Lakes Tea

Not only does this cake look gorgeous, but the bold and honey-sweet flavor of the moonlight white pairs well with the creaminess of the ya bao. It’s a combination I never knew I needed and earnestly hope it returns next year!

AOI Seicha: Nishio Matcha – Tenkei, Ceremonial Heritage Grade Koicha | Yunomi

This ground-upon-order matcha utilizes an outstanding tencha that has been recognized with a gold medal. Tenkei, meaning the “joy of heaven”, is the top quality matcha from producer AOI Seicha available only in Japan. It certainly shows, providing a balance of potency and lingers long after sipping. I enjoyed it as koicha and usucha – both are experiences you won’t easily forget.

Wazuka Premium Zairai White Tea | Tezumi

Invigorating with fresh greens and spice, this hand-picked white tea from Tezumi is a gorgeous Japanese tea I couldn’t keep to myself. Even with the charcoal roasting to round out the flavor, you’ll never miss the strong accents!

Ambrosia | Spirit Tea

Sourced from the high slopes of Santikhiri (Peace Hill) in northeastern Thailand, this tea exemplifies the interconnectedness of three kingdoms: insect, plant, and animal. Tender tea shoots are attacked by jassids, causing the plant to emit an enticing aroma that attracts the insect’s predators. This provides a fruity experience that always quenches my thirst!

Have you tried any of the teas I’ve mentioned this year? I look forward to hearing what has stood out to you in the year 2022 and am excited for the coming year together! Have a wonderful New Year and as always, steep well!


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