Tea Happenings: Soocha Tea and Friends – Lu Ann Pannunzio

If you were to think of a tea blogger, who would be the first to come to mind? How about tea author? Lastly, who would you turn to when it comes to pairing tea and scones? 

For myself, Lu Ann Pannunzio is one of the first individuals that come to mind, and she’s always around to welcome new faces into the tea community. For those unfamiliar with the scope of her work, Lu Ann Pannunzio is the blogger of The Cup of Life, an educator, and author of Tea-spiration: Inspirational Words for Tea Lovers. Her focus is to provide accurate information catered to every type of tea drinker out there. In addition to tea education posts, you’ll find delicious recipes that ooze creativity!

She was one of the first bloggers that engaged with my social media feed when I first started, and I remember how thrilled I was to have won my first giveaway through her. It was ceremonial matcha and a chawan from Encha! The experience encouraged me to continue exploring and sharing my tea journey online. 

When I heard there would be a discussion with her hosted by Soo Park of Soocha Tea, I knew it was an event I wouldn’t want to miss! If you haven’t tuned into their monthly Tea Talk event, Soocha Tea & Friends, you’re missing out! Soocha Tea is the first tea company in Canada that specializes in Korean tea and was established in 2018. They introduce fresh premium Korean teas to Canada and the USA and source teas directly from the farmers. I adore their Sejak and have them in mind for their other options! The tea talks also raise awareness and allow for donations to organizations that matter to Soo Park. It’s a win-win-win situation! This month’s donations for May went to the Canadian Mental Health Association.

Now, onto the discussion! The dialogue flowed as Soo Park mediated fun and thoughtful inquiries for Lu Ann! I’ve paraphrased a few of the questions and responses to the best of my ability! 

Q: Which of your blog posts would you most recommend?

If someone likes Afternoon Tea, I recommend checking out the scone recipes, starting with Classic English Scones, and for a savory option, the Cheddar Chive Scones

– For more fun ways to drink tea, there are fantastic drinks like my Iced Watermelon Basil Matcha. It’s perfect for summer!

– Comparative style posts like the difference between Matcha and Hojicha powder. or the differences between Earl Grey and Lady Grey!

– For a look into the lives of tea drinkers globally, the series At the Tea Table explores the dynamic ways tea is a part of an individual’s world.

Q: What are the best aspects of maintaining a tea blog?

Connecting with so many tea drinkers online through social media or the blog
– Learning something new about tea every day
– Hitting the publish button on a piece of work that has taken weeks or months to complete 

Q: What types of tea do you gravitate towards during the day?

Morning: Malty teas such as Assam, Darjeeling, Ceylon
– Afternoon: Roasted Oolong, Matcha, Hojicha Latte
– Evening: Ending the day with a caffeine-free tea

Q: Could you recommend some of your favorite tea bloggers?

For sure! The first that comes to mind is Tea in Spoons written by Connie. She releases a new post every Thursday with reviews, special courses, or travels.

– Another is Steep. Sip. & Repeat
by Antonia. The steep part is where she shares about the aromas and appearance of the tea leaf, the sip is about the flavor, and the repeat is whether or not she would recommend it! 

– Lastly, Tea with Jann – I think she is a sweet person to connect with as she makes tea fun and accessible. She has a segment on Youtube, Tea News, in which she presents timely updates on all things tea!

The conversation contained much more, so I hope you can join future events hosted by Soocha Tea! It was a pleasure to witness what felt like a conversation between good friends, and the enthusiasm in the room was a joy to partake. Lu Ann’s blog reaches its 10th anniversary this year on June 3rd, so be sure to stop by her page and send the warmest of wishes! Thank you for joining me on this brief reflection – with so many events happening around the community it’s nice to take a moment to let each one sink in! If you joined the event I’d love to hear your thoughts and takeaways in the comments below or on IG!

Steep well!

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  1. Thanks so much Marco for the super kind words. I am so glad you were able to attend the live event. If you need some more recommendations from Soocha Tea I definitely suggest Balhyo cha, both loose leaf and powder. Craving a balhyo cha latte as I type this now…

    Hope one day soon we can meet up IRL for some tea and scones, of course!

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