International Tea Day 2021

There are limitations to my knowledge and experience – and so I constantly seek to widen the lens through listening to stories, asking questions, and sitting in reflection. What do I seek? Why? And how can the opportunities for a closer connection to tea be made available aplenty for more individuals? From journeys taken a world apart through a screen to the tea leaves we collectively share – it is all made possible by the women and men, young and aged, that dedicate their life, intention, and resources to the cultivation and enjoyment of nature, of tea.

  • How do profits make their way back to the farmers and producers from the tea we purchase? 
  • When looking at a vendor, what narrative is being relayed as it pertains to the source of tea? How are these stories being constructed? Or images? What is omitted or provided?
  • How open are our sources to receiving and responding to inquiries? 

Cultivating relationships through the questions we ask provides a glimpse of our values and ongoing growth as tea consumers. May we continue to learn, experience, and support the intricate and bountiful process that allows for tea to thrive! 

Visit the Food and Agricultural Organization of the United Nations (FOA), for more information on this year’s key objectives.

Steep well!

– Marco

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