Japanese Matcha Bowl – Beige Hakeme Kyo-yaki Chawan

Gifted by the kind team at Tezumi, this 300mL Chawan has been a pleasure to use in my matcha preparation rotation. The hakame brush stroke presents an added level of artistry to the experience of whisking any matcha, and the beige color allows the green vibrancy to really pop!

About Tezumi
Consisting of three tea-enthusiasts, David, Michael, and Ryan, aim to share their passion for Japanese teaware with the world. The Japanese word tezumi (手摘み), or hand-picked, notes the care given to high-grade Japanese tea and fits the way the Tezumi team curates teaware.

While Michael and Ryan travel Asia in search of the best tea and teaware, David is practicing the Ueda Sōko (上田宗箇) school of the Japanese tea ceremony and studying to become a certified Nihoncha Instructor.

Check out this specific bowl and other wares HERE as I’m certain you’ll find something that complements your matcha practice!

Steep well!
– Marco

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